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The United Church of Canada Welcome to Knob Hill United Church!

Knob Hill can be found at 23 Gage Avenue, Scarborough Ontario.
The church has been serving the community since 1955.

Services are held Sunday mornings beginning at 10:30 a.m.
Everyone is welcome to join us for light refreshments and fellowship immediately afterwards.

As our Hymn book, Voices United says!
"Come in, come in and sit down, you are a part of the family."
(Voices United, Hymn #395)

Our church is diverse, representing people from over 25 different countries! We accept people from all faiths, backgrounds and sexual orientations. Feel free to drop in at any time and join us for our down to earth, musical, faith based services!

Knob Hill United Church strives to be accessible to people with disabilities. We offer assisted hearing devices, a ramp leading into the church and a wheelchair accessible washroom. Worship materials are available in large print.

Our Mission Statement:

As a body of Christians known as Knob Hill United Church, we respond to God’s call to serve Jesus Christ in the world and to draw people to one another in love and faith.

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